Road Trip

Our former director, Dr. Miriam invited us to witness the 4th commencement exercises of FEU SIlang in Cavite last April 10, 2014. We left FEU Diliman at around qurter to seven, had breakfast at McDonald’s SLEX and arrived in silang fifteen minutes before the graduation ceremony. Dr. Miriam welcomed us and accompanied us to the FEU gym. Their graduation was quick and simple then we had lunch together with the VIPs. What happened next was the most exciting part for me. The director gave us a grad tour of feu basic ed, feu college and feu farm. Let’s start with the basic ed. Β The architectural structure of the building is very modern. it has four floors with elevator. all rooms are air conditioned and has cctv cameras. their registrars office is located at the ground floor near the entrance same with their canteen. their faculty room is not as big as ours in feu diliman but their teacher’s tables are well utilized and tall. yes, tall! They have three science laoratories but no tle room yet. their music room is separated from the pe room unlike in diliman we only have one room for both subjects. after our basic ed tour we went up to the college building. there’s a shuttle for the students to ride and it’s for free. their college building looks the same as the the basic ed’s but a little bigger. they have a cooking room same as chef boy logro’s and what our pe teacher really envied is that they have a dance room. of course when you say dance room there’s a walled mirror there so we took turns having our selfies. after the tour we went to dr. miriam’s office and had our family picture. Next stop, the feu farm. In the farm we ate caimito and another fruit which name i forgot fresh from the tree. Our former boss treated us with halo halo then we took pictures and endless selfies again. After our merienda, we said our goodbyes to our beloved dr. miriam. Our next destination, since we’re in cavite was in tagaytay. we went to leslie’s for our super early dinner then stayed there to enjoy the view, the sights and the company of our friends and colleagues. It was a wonderful after year end activities getaway! how i wishit would be more fun come our faculty outing this may.IMG_0130IMG_0129IMG_0098IMG_0135


First Day High

I survived the first day of classes for the new school year! Well, so did my co teachers and most especially the students.
How I love coming to school and to my classes prepared and jolly! I enjoyed socializing with the students old and new. I love the fact that they understood my procedures inside the classroom and that they are willing to cooperate with me until the end of the school year.
I admire the batch of seniors this year. I hope that their enthusiasm will continue until they graduate.


Welcoming the New School Year

I am proud to say that I am (again) ready for Monday’s first day of school! I cannot wait to see new and old faces, excited and nervous students and parents as well. I hope this school year will be a productive and successful one.
Welcome School Year 2013-2014!!! πŸ’˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

Year End Activities 2012-2013


At last! We know we did something right if one of our year end activities like the graduation had ended successfully. Although we only had less than five days of practice, the students were able to pull it off with flying colors. We are so proud of you graduates batch 2013!


Every quarter we recognize all the best students regarding their academic performances but on the last quarter the students’ co curricular achievements were acknowledged too. The students were not the only ones excited but the parents as well.

I was busy with the certificates and medals I was not able to take pictures of the awardees. Sayang! ��✌��


This is probably the most exciting occasion for me at FERN. The Moving-Up ceremony of our pre- schoolers. Yearly I make sure to attend our students’ moving up. I am so impressed on how they behave properly and follow instructions. I can’t wait for our baby Tala to experience this ceremony.

Sadly this year I was not able to finish the moving up ceremony because I was busy preparing for the graduation. Ay, sayang again.