R&R Part 3: Swimming Time at Crystal Water

In our itinerary, we were supposed to leave for Water Crest Beach resort at exactly 5:30 am but due to unexpected circumstances, our trip got delayed by an hour. We were able to reach our destination at 6:30am (not bad at all).We were all thrilled to see the beach and knowing that we were the only ones there was super! Yahoo! 11233000_10203746118205480_2608976416709324089_n   11235447_10153404327938694_901319063270647138_n 11140418_10153404348493694_528734679404215880_n  10984095_10203746035283407_8232275590293436267_n Right after our swimming, we went back to our resort at 9am, took a quick shower, grabbed our bags then ate our sumptuous lunch. We left for Quezon City at exactly 12pm. I was so thankful we were able to reach our homes before 4pm. We were all thankful for the great faculty R&R this year. Sad to say that next year our R&R is no longer an overnight one. But we are hoping that it would be a memorable one.


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