R&R Part 2: GS & HS Team Building

At last, we reached our new home for at least 24 hours the Vista Venice Resort! We were warmly welcomed by the staff and crew and accompanied us to our rooms. we were given time to freshen up before we had our lunch and first team building activity. Our first team building activity involved brainstorming and a little get-to-know-each-other with our newbies and fresh meat teachers. Next, we were given time (2 hours) to rest before we resumed our second team building activity. Since the sun was in its hottest, I was motivated to swim. Good thing some of my friends decided to join me. After two hours, we got out of the pool and participated in the amazing race. It was the most exciting part of our activity since it involved running and other physical activities using the resort’s obstacle course.The funny part about the race was that our group thought we had won but sadly, we did not pala! It’s okay! The important thing was we were able to achieve the objectives of our faculty development.


Dinner was served in the resorts largest function room. We all enjoyed ma’am Dolly’s grilled liempo. It was sinfully deadly! We also had our socialization through karaoke singing, dancing and a short comedic play and of course everyone’s favourite, the raffle draw. I did not win any major prize but still thankful for the minor prize that I got and the early bird prize. Yipee!

11233518_10203745934480887_1371833659283581527_n  11214025_10203745948921248_857863378888711820_n

11061704_10203745990402285_8979550710020016149_n  1517525_10203745980162029_1613024899037583257_n


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