Kids will be kids ♥

My supervisory class in second year every Thursday started today. I am to look after the English class of teacher Migs while the students do the activity left by him. Their activity is to simply write a letter of apology to their classmate or to one of their schoolmates. I assumed that in writing a letter, all you need to use is your hands but in second year Earnest, I noticed that they can’t help use their mouths too. While they were seated, writing and chatting, I was thinking of different reasons why they need to talk while writing their “sorry”letters. Maybe they’re too excited to express their feelings or, maybe they’re frequently asking their seatmate/s the spelling of some words or they want to know who their classmate is writing to. Hhhmmmmmm….that made me curious. I just hope that all of them were able to write a sincere letter of apology.

I think I should also accept the fact that whether the activity is individual work or group work, there will always be a bunch of chatterbox kids in every class. ♥

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