Yesterday, the Director of our school called for an emergency meeting. We were reminded again to be sensitive to the needs of our students especially the foreigners. A group of our foreign students through the help of the guidance councilor went to our Director and laid down their concerns about some of the teachers. They said that one teacher would tell jokes in Filipino/Tagalog and everyone would laugh except them. They now think that their classmates are laughing at them. Some relay to the Director that some teachers would talk in Filipino while teaching the lesson.  In that case they do not understand the lesson at all.

The good thing about our beloved Director is that she did listen to the students but did not put down the teachers concerned. She was very professional in explaining to the students why some teachers tend to speak in Tagalog/Filipino.

In my opinion as a teacher, I think we should be very professional about this. We have to control our emotions professionally and to always think of what is best for our students.♥

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