Patience is Virtue…so is TEACHing ♥

I’ve been teaching Physics for eleven years now and I know I should be well aware of the different kinds of “trouble”I might get into while inside the classroom. One of my students lied to my face. I caught her eating and eating inside the classroom during class hours is prohibited. It’s a No! No! I confronted her and told her not to eat the biscuit that was in her hand. Instead of her saying “sorry maám it will not happen again”, she told me”what food?” And that ticked me off! So what I did is I gave her three jug forms. She is to write “I will not eat inside the classroom again.” The sad part is when she handed to me the jug form her penmanship was very untidy and it was in topsy turvy. I wanted to explode! But then again I am a teacher and my profession is a virtue. So what I did, is I talked to her previous teachers and they told me that I should be patient with her because she has family problems and that she also has other personal issues. I think the best thing to do also is for me to have a heart to heart talk with my student to settle some grudges (if there is any) and to understand her better.♥

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