FERN’s Trees

I got this picture from Facebook and many are asking why. Why were the trees cut? One reason is to avoid accidents. I heard some students are being hit by falling branches and were rushed to the hospital. Also to avoid…


R&R Part 3: Swimming Time at Crystal Water

In our itinerary, we were supposed to leave for Water Crest Beach resort at exactly 5:30 am but due to unexpected circumstances, our trip got delayed by an hour. We were able to reach our destination at 6:30am (not bad at all).We were all thrilled to see the beach and knowing that we were the only ones there was super! Yahoo! 11233000_10203746118205480_2608976416709324089_n   11235447_10153404327938694_901319063270647138_n 11140418_10153404348493694_528734679404215880_n  10984095_10203746035283407_8232275590293436267_n Right after our swimming, we went back to our resort at 9am, took a quick shower, grabbed our bags then ate our sumptuous lunch. We left for Quezon City at exactly 12pm. I was so thankful we were able to reach our homes before 4pm. We were all thankful for the great faculty R&R this year. Sad to say that next year our R&R is no longer an overnight one. But we are hoping that it would be a memorable one.

R&R Part 2: GS & HS Team Building

At last, we reached our new home for at least 24 hours the Vista Venice Resort! We were warmly welcomed by the staff and crew and accompanied us to our rooms. we were given time to freshen up before we had our lunch and first team building activity. Our first team building activity involved brainstorming and a little get-to-know-each-other with our newbies and fresh meat teachers. Next, we were given time (2 hours) to rest before we resumed our second team building activity. Since the sun was in its hottest, I was motivated to swim. Good thing some of my friends decided to join me. After two hours, we got out of the pool and participated in the amazing race. It was the most exciting part of our activity since it involved running and other physical activities using the resort’s obstacle course.The funny part about the race was that our group thought we had won but sadly, we did not pala! It’s okay! The important thing was we were able to achieve the objectives of our faculty development.


Dinner was served in the resorts largest function room. We all enjoyed ma’am Dolly’s grilled liempo. It was sinfully deadly! We also had our socialization through karaoke singing, dancing and a short comedic play and of course everyone’s favourite, the raffle draw. I did not win any major prize but still thankful for the minor prize that I got and the early bird prize. Yipee!

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R&R Part 1: Bandana Ng Kagitingan

This year’s company R&R was held at Morong, Bataan. Our itinerary included a visit to Bandana ng Kagitingan in Mt. Samat and the West Coast Beach Resort.


The Early Bird with her hubbyLents

Our call time was 4:45 am and we were to leave at 5am. I was the second to arrive in our meeting place in the school’s lobby at 4:30am. of course the earliest bird was our school principal, Ms. Michael.

We were able to leave at exactly 5am. We were thankful the traffic was light and we arrived at our first destination at 8am which was earlier than our expected time of arrival which was 10am. Mount Samat is a historic mountain in the town of Pilár, Province of Bataan. Located near its summit is the Mount Samat National Shrine also known as Shrine of Valor , a national shrine dedicated to the fallen Filipino and American fallen during World War II. The shrine has two main features, the Colonnade and the Memorial Cross.


The Colonnade


Welcome to the Dambana Ng Kagitingan

The humongous cross measures 276 feet high. The cross also serves as a view deck for you to see Bataan. Since I visited the place 10 years ago with my friends, I no longer went up the cross even though there’s an elevator inside. What I did then while waiting for my colleagues was to take pictures of the place and my friends and co teachers.





Selfie with the Memorial Cross

Batch Night 2015

Last March 20th, our seniors had their long awaited batch night. This was coined by our high school directress, Ms. Michael since the seniors were not able to have their retreat as a batch. the batch night’s aim and objective is to create a stronger bond between the seniors before they move on to college.

TIMG_7515 IMG_7517 IMG_7518 IMG_7519 IMG_7525 IMG_7527 IMG_7528 IMG_7533 IMG_7534 IMG_7537 IMG_7538 IMG_7539 IMG_7540 IMG_7541 IMG_7542 IMG_7543They had games and team building activities in the morning and after dinner they had their talent show and dance night. the party ended at 12 and we, the teachers let them sleep at 1am.

In the morning before having their breakfast , They exercised and jogged in the football field.

It was a great experience for the seniors for they were able to bond with their batch mates before they leave their beloved school.

Happy World Teacher’s Day!

Happy teacher’s day to all the teacher’s who became a part of me, who molded me to become the good person that i am today. Happy teacher’s day to you mama, my grandma, my ninang Dr. Miriam and to my hubbyLents.

Let me share with you the history of teacher’s day in one of the articles that I found a few months ago.

On October 5, 1994, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) formally established World Teachers’ Day. October 5 was the chosen date to give recognition to UNESCO/ILO’s  (International Labor Organization) approval of World Teacher’s Day establishment since October 5, 1966. This special day is acknowledged worldwide by around 100 countries. This celebration aims to highlight the endeavors and achievements of the teachers on a global scale.

Here is this year’s World Teacher’s Day theme: ” Invest in the future, Invest in teachers ”

This theme aims for the big role of teachers to the young generation. How important teachers are in the society. What we can do to increase the numbers of teachers all over the world is also as important as to taking care of them and their needs.

We must all remember teacher’s day is a very special day to give appreciation to the significant roles our teachers play around the world in our society.

Faculty Outing 2014

Last April 30th, we went to Zambales for our faculty outing. This is the time where all teachers can relax , unwind and bond. We stayed in a homey inn called pundaquit luxury resort. They serve the freshest sea foods since our inn is located at the beach front. They also have a pool for adults and children which is good since not all of us wants to swim in the sea.

10171749_10152470822938694_4458834133180811814_n 10250253_10152470795798694_4628415014792323316_n 10259965_10152470811278694_9048707207545592822_n 10330338_10152470814418694_7065089588588184229_n 10337735_10152470798748694_4854487277150170703_n 1908008_10152470818963694_7222043076827497970_n

The next day we had our island hopping in Capones island then to anawangin. We enjoyed the very challenging trail going to the lighthouse. It really was an adventure for us adults. Since it was hot in the lighthouse we took a dip in the nearby beach. The water was clean, clear and cool! We enjoyed every moment of our stay there. After Capones we headed straight to anawangin. We just relaxed and slept there and ate and ate and ate some more. Before the sun went down we returned to our resort, prepared our things then went back home to manila. All of us enjoyed our overnight stay in Zambales. It somehow gave us chance to energize ourselves before going back to work.

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Hoping for another great faculty outing next year!